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Group health Insurance

Ilaf Takaful Insurance Company is concerned to provide developed and distinguished services to its Customers in Kuwait within the scope of selected hospitals and Clinics , also in all parts of the World (for emergency cases and pre-agreed upon cases) . our main aim is to provide the best insurance services , and every new aspect in Insurance world.

The company is struggling hardly to be a Pioneer in the Insurance market and to provide the services to the Customers at competitive Prices.

Health insurance policies were designed to suit the individual needs . therefore the packages of Health insurance were designed to suit the companies of different sizes , for small companies and those who have large numbers of workers. The said products provide for emergency and non-emergency treatment including expenses of Patient’s stay at the Hospital, ICU , Specialists Doctors , Doctors , Surgeons and all diagnostic tests , in addition to the cost of medicine and treatment.

Within the Health insurance Program , we provide treatment cover at Private Clinics and hospital for each Customer , which include settlement of invoices . Cover includes treatment in and out of the hospital including dental treatment , maternity , chronic cases , eyes , stay at hospital in addition to room service expenses .

Our programs provide different packages for annual insurance benefits ranging from KD 3000 to KD 25000 according to the conditions and prices applicable at the Company.

Comprehensive Protection for Workers:

Ilaf Takaful Insurance offers an Insurance policy for Employees in which a single contract covers a full group of persons . such protection is given as part of full package for employees .

This policy covers the liability of your company towards the workers against the injuries which they may sustain due to accidents occurred during or caused by work and personal accidents over 24 hours , off-work , and the additional merits as agreed by both parties , within and out of the territorial Limits of the State of Kuwait . According to the Policy conditions , the Cover of work injuries should be part of the Policy according to the currently applicable Kuwaiti labor law of Private sector .

This policy is designed mainly to cover the employees of large, medium and small corporations ,

in the total protection programs which extend to include the warranty to settle an agreed upon insurance amount ( salary of 12 , or 24 or 36 or 48 months) in case of death by accident or other cause , and to settle an insurance amount in case of total permanent Disability due to accident or illness which prevents the Insured to perform any work.

The Cover extends to include the partial permanent Disability due to accident or disease , expenses of dead body repatriation and the cost of medical expenses resulted from an accident , in addition to insurance of work injuries.

This Cover is offered annually according to the prices and conditions of Ilaf Company Policy and based on a List provided by the Customer which define the required benefits.

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