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General Accidents Insurance Department

Fire and General Accident Department at Ilaf Takaful Insurance Company seeks to provide the best insurance programs for individuals and Companies by carefully studying the activity of the participants and which suits to face all the challenges and risks which they may be exposed to.

The Contributor is the main focus of the programs, which are according to the Islamic Provisions.


Types of insurance

Burglary Insurance

Burglary insurance policy includes the loss or damage to the insured properties in the Policy resultant of burglary or armed looting by the use of force , violence and coercion.

loss of Profit / Consequential loss Insurance

The normal Fire Policy or the Property All Risk policy covers only the material damage exposure but a loss can cause an adverse condition to your works and lead to loss of profit (Net Profit - Salaries - Rents) , therefore the loss of profit/ Consequential Loss policy ensures compensation against the loss resulted from the cessation of works for an agreed upon period.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Fidelity Guarantee insurance Policy provides insurance Cover to any loss or damage caused to the Funds or properties of the Insured due to acts of forgery , stealing , theft or fraudulent replacement committed by any Employee listed in the insurance Policy .

Money (Funds) Insurance :

The Policy of Funds Insurance is concerned with the cover of loss or damage to Funds , which means (money , checks , mail transfers , financial stock ) while being moved from or to the Company or while they are kept at the Safes of the Insured . The Safes or Money machines may be added under the policy .

  • Products Damage Liability Insurance

  • This policy deals with your legal liability in case of bodily injuries or damages to third party’s properties which arise from products provided or manufactured by you , including the contents .
  • Employer’s liability

  • This Policy is designed to protect the Employer against his liability related to body injuries or death which may occur under any labor law in the State of Kuwait.
  • Third Party’s Liability

  • Third party insurance policy offers insurance of legal Liability which may be incurred by the Contributor and become legally liable to pay it while practicing his work , against body injuries (fatal and non-fatal) , third party’s property loss ( third party means : each person not related to the Insured ).

Professional Indemnity Insurance

The Professional liability insurance Policy covers the legal liability incurred as a result of professional mistake on the subscribers such as Doctors , Engineers, Lawyers and all consultation institutions while practicing the profession during the insurance period according to the conditions and Limits of the Policy .

  • Erection All Risk Insurance

  • Erection All risks insurance Policy covers all losses and damages caused to the project while performing the erection , installation works , machines and equipment testing operation . Insurance cover shall continue till the handing over time, and during commissioning period not exceeding 4 weeks , but the policy doesn’t cover the engineering mistakes of project works , according to the conditions and Limits of the Policy .
  • Contractor’s All Risk Insurance

  • The Contractor’s All Risk policy aims to cover the losses and damages to the Civil works of the project, subject of the Insurance during the Policy period while the Insured is executing the Contract works . The Cover includes two parts . the First part covers the losses and material damages of the Project works and the materials used in it , while the second part covers the legal liability of the Insured towards third party’s body injuries and properties losses due to the project works. The Policy may extend to include the losses and damages occurred during the maintenance period under the Contract , according to the conditions and Limits of the insurance Policy.
  • Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

  • The Policy of Workmen’s Compensation covers the bodily injuries (Fatal & non-fatal) under the Kuwaiti labor law which the insured workers have sustained due to practicing their work or during movement from and to the work , provided that they follow the normal routes.

Insurance of Contractor’s Equipment & Vehicles

The policy of equipment and vehicles provides insurance Cover against the Financial losses and sudden damages which occur to the vehicles and equipment while they are at site or the geographical area defined in the insurance Policy or while they are parked . the insurance Cover may extend to cover the vehicles while moving on the general roads.

  • Professional Liability Insurance

  • The Professional liability insurance Policy covers the legal liability incurred on the subscribers as Doctors , Engineers and Lawyers and all consultation Institutions resulted from professional mistake while practicing the profession during the insurance period .
  • Insurance of Electronic Equipment /Computer

  • The Insurance policy of electronic equipment covers the damage or sudden and unexpected material loss to the electronic equipment such as Computer or similar hardware.
  • Machinery breakdown Insurance

  • The Policy of Machinery breakdown insurance covers the damages and sudden and unexpected material loss to the machines and machines products due to breakdown in the machines or misuse .

Political Violence Insurance

Provides financial protection to investors, financial institutions and businesses that face the possibility of losing money because of political events. Political risk insurance protects against the hazard that a government will take some action that causes the insured to experience a large financial loss. Political risk insurance can cover many possibilities, such as expropriation(e.g., government confiscation of property), political violence (e.g., acts of civil unrest or insurrection), the inability to convert local currency and repatriate it, sovereign debt default, and even acts of terrorism and war according to the conditions and Limits of the insurance policy.

  • Managers & officers Liability Insurance

  • This policy offers protection to the properties and personal wealth of the members of the Board of Directors and Executives against the expenses of law suits related to defending the Insured persons . The policy covers the value of Judgments passed against the Insured in addition to the legal expenses , attorney fees in the case filed for the wrong act resulted from breaching of ( Duty , trust , mission , omission , mistake , incorrect details , default , breaching the competence declaration or any similar act) . The Cover may extend to include the expenses of investigations , Retired managers and non-Executives , arrest of wanted persons and other coverage.
  • Terrorism and sabotage

  • The original scope of the Insurance policy may be extended to cover the damages resulted from an act or series of acts , including the use of force or violence by any person or group of Persons , whether as personal action or by any organization committed for political , religious or Ideology purposes including the intention to influence any Government or to place the Public in fear for such purposes .
  • Riots and Civil Commotion

  • The scope of the original policy can be extended to cover the losses or damages resulted from riot , strike and civil disturbances in the insured properties as direct result of : :
    -Contribution of a person with others in order to cause any disturbance against public safety (whether related to strike or not).
    -The intervention by any legal authority to suppress or attempt to suppress any disturbance or to minimize the consequences of any disturbance.
  • Financial Insurance

  • Emanating from our belief to perform the insurance mission in the ideal manner and to fulfill all the needs of the Customer who are under protection , we conduct a study and develop covers related to the Financial insurance . These policies are designed for Investment Companies , decision-makers , and companies involved in Financial and electronic dealings and investment Funds in order to protect all activities and works of the said Companies, namely :
    -Board of Directors and officers Insurance
    -Protection of Financial stock Brokers Policy
    -Investment Managers insurance Policy
    -Financial Dealings policy
  • Insurance against Computer Crimes and electronic Fraudulence

  • -Includes the following covers :
    * internal and external Crimes
    * Loss of valuable objects
    *Computer damage
  • Banker's Blanket Bonf Insurance

  • -Includes the following covers :
    *Loss of security rights
    *Cover of electronic Crimes
    *Damage or perishing of properties or dislocation
    *Destruction of the office contents by criminal act , sabotage or deliberate act
    *Loss of money or valuables or financial stock in ambiguous manner without known reasons
  • Group Personal Accidents Insurance

  • The policy of personal accidents offers protection for Insured against the accidents which lead to death , loss of a limb , permanent or Temporary total or partial disability , over 24 hours , in addition to the medical expenses resulted from such accidents.

Glass insurance

Under the Glass insurance Policy , the subscriber shall be compensated against the breaking of glass panels as defined in the policy schedule, by the payment of an amount equals to the value of the broken glass on the basis of the price at the time of breaking and at max. value as defined in the schedule .

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